Great News:  Our $25,000 pledge has been met! Currently, the total amount pledged has reached $27,593. It has been a terrific experience for me to have worked with and encouraged the good men of Eleven to bring this to reality. I am sure all of them will enjoy this good news. It proves that MCB 11 is still alive and still getting the job done, no matter how difficult (or seemingly impossible)!
  From Tommy Hudson, Fund raiser Chairman
   "BRAVO ZULU" to all the members of  the GG Battalion. GG stands for Grand and Glorious and of course the number of that Battalion is 11, Eleven that is. I can well remember that day in Branson, MO when Capt. Hilderbrand made a pitch for a donation from our group and the figure mentioned was $10,000. If my memory serves me we came up with pledges for a little over $11,000 on that day. I also believed that the initial figure would grow as the word spread and you Seabees came through like like an Indianapolis Race car on a fast track. I am so proud of the donations made by all of you. I know that many of you really stretched the budget to come up with your donation but isn't that what Seabees do? Give them a job that seems to be impossible and they will complete it in record time.
   The new NMCB-11 that we will witness being recommissioned in September has a high standard to stand up to. They will have to complete the routine work by yesterday, the difficult by the end of the day and the impossible before the ink dries on the tasking order. And I bet they will do all of that because we will be there to motivate them when they "stand up."  
   Great job men of MCB-11 Reunion Group, Great job.
   From Jim Gilbert, MCB 11 Association President

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List of Donors

$0 - $500

$501 - $1000

$1001 - $2000

BUR2 Charles E. Anderson UT1 Wendell R. DeFreitas CAPT & Mrs. Bruce Geibel
SF3C Lyle L. Andrews CWO4 Arthur J. Kummer BU Ronald L. Griffin
DEW3 Jim Bagnell LCDR David W. Malvin CMH2 Samuel J. Hall
EO1 Lorrain D. Barkley EO2 Clair (C. B.) Miller CE1 Keith E. Nielson
CUCM Floyd R. Baty CMCS Melvin R. Miscikowski LTJG Frank A. Peterlin
Mrs. Joan Bennett CDR John Totten CUCM Edward B. Smith Jr
EO Timothy L. Briddell BU Ralph Miner CWO4 James M. Gilbert
CE2 Donald C. Bronson    
CE1 Herbert L. Brown    
BUCHN Terry Chamberlin    
EOH3 R. J. Debus    
BUH2 Maurice DeYoung    
EOCM Donald J. Egelus    
SW2 Harley W. Fulton    
SV2 Eugene P. Gall    
CE2 Larry G. Hagler    
EO2 J. T. Tommy Hudson    
Mr. John W. Kelly    
UT3 Herbert A. Marcoe    
EO3 Robert (Marty) Marten    
MCB 11 Association    
ETN2 Michael McDonald    
CDR William D. Middleton    
SWE3 Peter W. Nurmi    
CEC William H. O'Ferrall    
DK Philip Palmisano    
BU Gerald V. Rice    
CE Boyd Robinson    
BUC James J. Sanmarco    
CE2 Robert F. Scheele    
CDR Loren W. Sibilla    
BU William A. Smith    
BUR3 Thomas A. Stevens    
EO3 Charles (Boy Dog) Ward    
CM David O. Warnken    
LCDR Harold D. Wardenburg    
BU Richard Zahniser    
LCDR Robert (Bob) Cahill    
CET2 Grady McEachern